Chemical Face Peeling is the removal or exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin. Rejuvenation surgical procedures reduce the major deep wrinkles of ageing but not the fine intrinsic, spider-web type wrinkles of dry, weathered skin, the “crows feet” beside the eyes, or the vertical wrinkles of the upper lips that are so disfiguring. Chemical Peeling softens these signs of age and can reduce or remove superficial pigmentation and the ‘dark circles’ under the eyes.

Variable peeling solution strengths achieve different results. It is normal practice to start with low strength ‘fruit acid’ or glycolic acid solutions and progress to higher strengths and then phenol or TCA. This progression gives a clear picture of how the skin tolerates peeling. Good tolerance permits consideration of more dramatic resurfacing of the skin using laser.


Dr Wallace recommends Chemical Face Peeling for the following reasons:


Chemical Face Peeling is associated with a very low risk of complications and so it is the most popular cosmetic procedure. The specific risks of which you should be aware are:


Low and moderate strength peels sting but require no special anaesthesia. Strong deep peels require either local anaesthetic cream, injection or general anaesthesia.


A nurse practitioner performs most of the Chemical Face Peeling as an office procedure. The time taken is approximately 30 minutes. The skin should be freshly washed with no applied moisturizers or other cosmetics. The nurse does a further skin cleansing before applying the peeling solution. The solution is then neutralized and the skin cooled. No dressings are applied.


Normal skin care can resume immediately. Depending on the depth of peeling, variable redness and visible skin flaking occurs. This usually resolves within a few days but the redness will be much longer with strong deep peels. Very careful sun protection is critical.


The skin feels clean and refreshed after peeling. The best results are seen after a series of peels and the deeper peels give the more dramatic rejuvenation.