Blepharoplasty is the Surgeon’s name for the operation to rejuvenate the appearance and function of ageing eyelids. Our eyes are a key facial feature that communicates our emotions to others. Ageing or ‘tired eyes’ can send the wrong message and they can even interfere with vision.

The eyelids, along with other areas of the face and neck, may exhibit wrinkles and bulges due either to hereditary factors or the ageing process. The bulges are due to drooping of the fat pads on which the eyeball sits. The procedure involves the removal of such excess fat and excess skin.

At times, the curtain of skin hanging from the upper eyelid may be partially due to sagging of the eyebrows. It may be necessary in such cases to elevate those structures of the forehead at the same time as the upper lid surgery (refer to Browlift). Upper and lower lid correction can be done together.


Dr Wallace recommends Blepharoplasty for the following reasons:


This surgery is associated with a very low risk of complications. The specific risks of Blepharoplasty of which you should be aware are:

Excessive removal of skin or fat. Conservative surgery avoids this.


General Anaesthesia is the routine for this operation although surgery while awake with local anaesthetic injections and sedatives is quite common. Anaesthetic sleep time is approximately 60 minutes followed by 45 minutes in the Recovery Room.


Dr. Wallace performs Blepharoplasty via carefully placed incisions in the upper eyelid crease and just below the lower eyelashes. On occasion for the lower lids, no skin incision is necessary and the incision lies inside the lid. Following removal of excess skin and fat, a dissolving stitch and adhesive tape closes the incisions.


Ice packs are extremely important to prevent bleeding and limit the swelling and bruising. The need for pain relief is minimal and paracetamol is often sufficient. Most patients do not stay in hospital but go home the same day. Dr Wallace arranges an office appointment for a few days post-op.


The rejuvenation of the eyes after Blepharoplasty surgery is usually dramatically pleasing to all concerned. For some patients, Laser Resurfacing of the lower lids to remove fine wrinkles and sun damage enhances the result.